OWN Physical Therapy and Pilates is a Pilates-Based Physical Therapy studio located in Asheville, NC.

We are inspired by our clients to weave together physical therapy’s treatment of joint and muscle dysfunction with the beauty and strength of movement sequences and principles as designed by Joseph Pilates. 

OWN was created out of the need for a Pilates-Based Physical Therapy group in Asheville, NC. A group that meets clients where they are and is guided by the client’s goals, whether that is to be a more efficient runner or cyclist, or be able to move through their daily lives with less pain and greater ease. Our clinicians want the best for our clients and will always tap back into the client’s “why.” That why will be the fuel that anchors our clinicians’ to motivate clients to meet their own goals and surpass their expectations.

OWN PT & Pilates is a studio that stands as a leader in providing Pilates -Based Physical Therapy in Asheville, NC. Our clinicians work directly with individual clients in setting their own goals, not towards a third-party payer’s goals or requirements. We utilize movement and our clinical skill set to facilitate and reveal clients’ greater strength and flexibility for bigger and better life adventures.

We bring your WHY to LIFE

OWN Physical Therapy & Pilates practitioners listen to and help facilitate their client’s goals by utilizing Pilates principles, movement repertoire, and foundation to prescribe functional movements focused on core musculature and coordination. This methodology helps foster a client’s movement health far beyond rehabilitation and recovery into a lifetime of personal wellness.





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