We offer Pilates-based Physical Therapy through customized, creative movement sequences that provide consistent strengthening and mobility opportunities for a lifetime of growth on a practice that builds on itself and encourages progression.

OWN Physical Therapy & Pilates was created out of a regional need for individuals to carry out their strengthening and mobility work after completing an episode of care with PT.
We help individuals develop ongoing goals that can grow as milestones are reached by using Motivational Interviewing for the deep dive into defining their “why.”

We bring your WHY to LIFE

OWN Physical Therapy & Pilates practitioners listen to and help facilitate their client’s goals by utilizing Pilates principles, movement repertoire, and foundation to prescribe functional movements focused on core musculature and coordination. This methodology helps foster a client’s movement health far beyond rehabilitation and recovery into a lifetime of personal wellness.


For many years, I was able to work at a local rehabilitation hospital as a Case Manager for individuals recovering and living with the results from neurologic trauma.

It was within this time that I honed the skills of Motivational Interviewing after discovering that many individuals “just wanted to get stronger” with no direction or particular activity or event and the expectation that therapy would just continue for some infinite time without addressing any perceived barriers to success. A more balanced and realistic approach resides in much smaller short-term goals with breaks from skilled PT that would include ongoing exercises for efficiency, mechanics, and endurance.

This approach applies to all bodies, not only those that are recovering from major injury, but also those that benefit from a daily devoted practice of movement. By utilizing Motivational Interviewing, the client is able to embody realistic goals for engaging more fully in their life in whatever way that is meaningful for them.



I am a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience of working with individuals that are healing from injury or working towards improved strength and mobility. I received my BS in Athletic Training from Mars Hill College (University), became a massage therapist after college, and finished my Masters of Physical Therapy from Western Carolina University. I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughters hiking and running in the woods and relishing life in Western North Carolina.