These are the same questions I asked myself 10 years ago.

I took my first Pilates class in college over 20 years ago. I had only recently started yoga. Yoga was fine. It was just not my thing. I never felt extremely comfortable moving through most of the poses. I lacked the hamstring flexibility to achieve a proper down dog.

I sat down in my first Pilates class with very low expectations. But the connection that I felt with my core, shoulders, and hips was like nothing I had ever experienced. I had played sports as a kid, but nothing that required coordination and strength (softball and cross country, am I right?). I’m still not the most athletic nor a beautiful mover. But the absolute connection I have now, keeps my shoulders, neck, low back and hips in check.

I want that feeling for everyone I interact with. Most of the work can be done easily with Pilates equipment. The equipment gives an enormous amount of feedback to the brain/body of how and where the body moves. Once the lightbulb moment happens, mat work can easily be folded in and clients can take their practice as their own.

The beauty of Pilates-Based Physical Therapy marries the movement sequences of Joseph Pilates and conventional PT manual techniques. We can use IASTM, Dry Needling, joint mobilizations, and soft tissue mobilization to help our clients access deeper connection. I use my 15+years of movement analyzation to bring awareness, offer different ways of movement, and corrective therapeutic exercise.